Monday, June 2, 2014

A new Resolution

Over this past winter, after my marathon, I really let all the coldness (with no break) get to me. I stopped running, stopped geocaching, didn't really bother to follow up with some of my longterm goals. I think the long winter sucked the life out of me for a while, and I think I let it.

Recently, I came across an image and some words that I took from an IG peep of mine, Sophlog. She appears to live in either L.A. or Atlanta while attending college and then returns to the other spot on breaks. I think it's school in L.A., because she posts LOTS of pics of palm trees. Many months ago, she posted a selfie on her bike with the caption, "Love where you live -- And be a traveler in your own town". And y'all, those words are resonating with me SO MUCH right now!

After the marathon, I fell into a bit of a depression. I wasn't running because it was fucking cold and I had no reason to run other than just to be running. Clearly, that wasn't enough. I began eating a fuckton of Reese's peanut butter several king size packs a day. I wasn't going anywhere, I was unemployed for a while, and life was just a massive struggle. I thought I was getting out of it, with a new job...but even that wasn't all I wanted it to be and 10 weeks later, I'm switching jobs again. But I do feel like this one will stick, and I am looking forward to this summer.

I have a lot of projects in mind. I'm hoping to have running shoes in July and might be able to pull it together to run the Akron Half Marathon. I'm going to organize EVERYTHING in my life and read lots of books. I'm cutting back on some expenses and starting a new business venture (in the very beginning phases, but will let you know when it's live). I'm just ready to attack life again is what I'm saying.

It's just time.