Thursday, July 31, 2014

Feminist ponderings...

I found this on tumblr. I think it's an interesting idea. Not sure how much I believe in it, but I definitely want to ponder it.


  1. Maybe I don't really understand this, but men and women are different. That's not me being sexist, that's a fact. So why would you raise a boy to be a woman?

    I don't know, I guess we should just raise both boys and girls to be good humans, regardless of gender.

    1. My mom had written a comment that she meant to submit but it was deleted instead. And she said that she can see this point... Meaning that boys are taught NOT to cry and NOT to be timid and NOT to be emotional, whereas girls are held and cuddled and coddled. But then I countered that in the workplace, women are taught NOT to be emotional and NOT to be irrational and are taught to be more like men.

      So, I think there are arguments on both sides.

      I can see what you mean, though. And because I know you, I know that you don't see people as a gender. If your son is a sensitive person, I think you will encourage him to be sensitive and to have feelings. I don't see you raising him to be more "manly" or whatever. And I think if you had male friends who were more feminine, you wouldn't see that as odd, because you see people as people.

      But that's why I collect these quotes and thoughts sometimes. Maybe I don't fully understand it or believe in it, but it's something interesting to consider. Engaging in conversations about this quote only helps to broaden my perspective.