Tuesday, July 15, 2014

SmART Studio Akron

It's a fitting day to post this draft, because the friend in question just finished a fun boudoir shoot with me in a field out in the country! So gorgeous! I'll show you the Instagram sneak peek and then continue down to read a bit about her and see some photos of her studio!

I have a friend who used to teach art full time and now teaches part-time as a substitute and has opened her own art studio. Her studio is in a small room off her garage and it's the cutest place ever! She teaches are to children. I go over there sometimes and paint, because it's a cat-free environment. I really appreciate that she lets me use her space. But really, Akron was so in need of a place like this. Some of the schools in the area definitely don't have enough art options for all the kids, or maybe some of the kids don't have great chemistry with the available teachers. In that case, the SmART studio is a great place for a kid to get the art they need or to have instruction from another teacher. Also, SmART Studio has lessons for adults. Really for anyone. But it can be a great place to have a girls' night out or to spend more time doing art with a teacher who can help guide the artist. SmART Studio has a Facebook page, so if you're in the area, go on over and like and spread the word!

SmART Studio creator, Jen Davis (mid-conversation with me)

The cutest garage ever and home of SmART Studio Akron!

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