Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Day with Narissa : Part I

In June (I think), my friend, Narissa, came to visit me for a couple of days. Narissa and I have been friends for a LOOOONNNNG time! We met via Diaryland and have stayed in touch via the interwebs ever since. When we first met, she lived in Arizona. Six years ago, she started med school in Erie, PA and then followed it up with a residency in Johnstown, PA. A year or so ago, or maybe three, she came into town for a day and we met for the first time. Pathetic, really. So just before her residency ended and she went back to Tucson and took a job as a new and fancy doctor for all those Arizonians, she decided to come out for a visit to me! Of course, we did all the usual Akron things, because that is what I do : show off Akron. We also grabbed a couple of caches. We had so much fun!

Twin pizzas at Urban Eats!

First cache!

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