Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Day with Narissa : Part II

So basically, Narissa leaves Akron, returns to PA to pack, and receives an e-mail that she needs a professional head shot for her new job as a doctor in Tucson. Even with the cost of getting me to her, having me do her head shots was cheaper than hiring a friend of a friend in PA. So, off I went! For the price of gas and some food, we had a fun time! I checked out Johnstown, we grabbed a night cache, it was a great little road trip!

The Conemaugh Gap

Entering Johnstown

Neko! The first black on black tabby I've ever met. Normally, his stripes aren't visible through his medium length hair. But when he's groomed, you can see his pattern.

We kind of went on an accidentally illegal night cache in a local park!

Johnstown inclined plane. Inclined planes are common around here. They help people go up and down mountain sides instead of around. It's like a railroad car that just goes up and down these tracks. This one takes cars, which I had never seen before!

Arch that marked an entrance to a cemetery, once upon a time.

Johnstown is famous for flooding often. It's where the Red Cross got its start.

View from Press Coffee Shop, a great little spot right downtown!

Yep, that's a spring right on the side of the highway. The water was so cold and so good!


  1. Whoa! I have never seen that done with a spring before. That's pretty darn cool! I would want to try and follow the run, myself.

    Also. So many mountain photos have been popping up on the blogs I follow. Here in FL it is flat flat flat, so posts like this are making me ache for some mountain scenery.

    1. You couldn't follow the run. It goes straight into the mountain or from a cliff or something! The springs in Florida are great, though.