Monday, August 4, 2014

DIY : Sparkly Camera Bag

If you look around the interwebs for a pretty camera bag, sometimes made just for women, you'll find that they are pretty damn expensive. So I wanted to see if I could make my own fancy camera bag. I started with two things :

A camera bag that I received free as a gift

And a sparkly hand bag I bought for $12 at Plato's Closet

The first step was to cut apart the camera bag. I needed all the soft padding. If you don't have your own camera bag now, you can find them at thrift stores sometimes or on EBay. Or, you can buy thick foam from a fabric store or online store. But since I had a camera bag, I spent some time cutting it up. And then, I covered the outside with pretty fabric I'd been saving for something special.

Cutting everything up and hand sewing it all together took some time, and I had a friend over to help me. But it was worth it and it was not all that difficult. I made sure to save the insides of the camera bag, because they have the thick velcro that helps separate the camera parts. You don't want lenses and bodies clinking around inside a bag. If you don't have a camera bag, you can simple cut rectangles of foam and place them in between stuff. Nothing says that everything must stick together perfectly. You just want the camera protected and easy to grab. In the end, I had to cut one corner of the old camera bag so everything could fit in the new one. This is ok, because the outside of the bag will protect that corner of the body. I keep only my camera in here, but there is a small pocket built into the bag that I can put chapstick and keys in. You could simply leave a compartment for that stuff. Or you could get fancy and look online for a pattern. Google it, there are lots of options. I just wanted to keep mine really simple.

It was really very easy to repurpose my old camera bag and use a big hand bag to make a new camera bag. It was super cheap and suited my needs perfectly! But it turns out, I don't really use that bag all that much, and my friend, Steph, was looking for a new bag. So I sent it off to her. I hope she enjoys it!


  1. Great idea! And if you can't find a camera bag to cut up, you can also go online and find a padded camera bag insert. I got one that can fit my camera body and two lenses for $13 plus shipping, and it fits into all of my larger purses. Probably not as cheap as thrifting a camera bag to cut up, but I personally had no luck at secondhand stores. :/ And I love the floral fabric covering!! I may have to do that to mine, since it's a yucky light grey that gets dirty so easily!

    1. I definitely had not thought of online shopping. Certainly, that's a great option. I just never really shop online! Also, asking around to a grandparent or parent might yield something great. Camera bags often end up in basements and attics!

  2. You're the best!!! I'll be linking to this in my roundup this week, obvs.