Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Review : Jockey "Skimmies"

For over a year now, I've been looking for spandex shorts to wear under my skirts and also on their own. Mom and I were making the rounds of the mall with no luck, when I came across a new item from Jockey. They're called, "Skimmies," and they "smooth like a slip, cover like a short". Now, they are not opaque and thick enough to be worn on their own. But they are perfect to wear under all my skirts, even if they peek out a bit under the hem. They are thin and not too hot but cover my thighs so I don't get any chafing! They come in two lengths, and I prefer the longer length. But trust me, all you girls wearing short, knit dresses, you need these in the shorter length. 'Cause we can all see your underwear. But honestly, these are just the perfect addition to my underwear drawer! I found them at Macy's.

This length is perfect under short, knit dresses!

I prefer this longer length.


  1. I usually just wear regular shorts, but these look awesome and way more comfortable!

    1. These are really awesome. Also, really thin. I think they'd be much cooler in your climate!