Thursday, August 21, 2014

When I grow up...

So, I saw this on HONY a few weeks ago...

...It got me thinking.

Ok, so that girl lives in NYC, and I don't know if being an ice cream man is an affordable option. But what I was thinking is how, it's ok to want to be an ice cream man when you're five. But the older you get, the less ok it is. And even at five, someone is probably encouraging her to be a doctor or whatever.

I'm on an online dating site, and there's a question like..."If you partner were happy making minimum wage and wanted nothing more, you would feel...??" And the answers are like... "Fine by me." "No way, get a job!" or you know, whatever. And I've talked to people who have broken up with someone because that person wanted to work in a factory and then come home and smoke weed and play video games. And you know, that person's a deadbeat and that's NOT OK!

But why?

Maybe that little girl wants to grow up, live in an apartment with three roommates, work full-time as an ice cream man in the warm weather, and work part-time at a movie theater year-round. Maybe she never wants to have kids or fancy vacations or buy a house. Maybe she wants to work easy, fun jobs, party on the weekends (or read books), and spend a lot of time in Central Park. But in America, we're taught that is not ok. We're taught that we should want to own the ice cream trucks and have a fleet and have a house and get rich or whatever.

Why do we feel that way? Why can't we just have it simple? What do you think?


  1. This is such a thought-provoking post. I love that you addressed this topic.

    I think it's different for each individual. It all depends on what you want for you, and what you want for the person you're with. The overall theme in America is consumerism and most people are money-hungry, but it doesn't have to be that way for you.

    Personally, I just wanted to be with someone that I didn't have to take care of, and I didn't want him to take care of me. That's because I'm really stubborn and independent, and not because I'm materialistic. When I was working my "real" job, I was making almost double what Brandon was. I didn't mind that, but it would've been different if he wasn't working at all. I probably wouldn't have chosen to be with him, because I've been with guys who didn't work and I had to take care of them, and it was a turn-off for me. If that's something that you want to do though, that's your choice!

    Of course, things are different now that I'm about to become a mother -- Brandon has to help me more financially, and without the income I once had coming in, we've had to make a lot of sacrifices. We definitely have more of a simple life now, we've gone down to one car and have gotten rid of a lot of excess stuff. But I don't mind that, as long as we have enough for food and shelter and our kid. We've been through phases where we literally didn't know how we were going to eat for the next week before payday, and we were almost homeless a couple times. Going through those periods made me even more grateful for what I have.

    I feel like I went on a tangent there...

    PS: I think you have a few posts you could add to the link-up!

    1. I think, if someone pays their half then that's enough. But it's also ok to provide for someone else. But I just think that someone doesn't have to have EVERYTHING, you know?

      And yes, I know! I gotta go link up!