Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bang Bang

I guess I first heard "Bang Bang" in a store somewhere. It registered as catchy but that's it. I was watching the VMA performances a week or so ago and there it was again, this time as the cap on a strange medley of Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj songs. I was feeling it, so I went ahead and checked out the video on Youtube.

My first thoughts concerning the video were pretty negative, like:

1. Can't we have a new idea? Another video shot on "the street"!?
2. Why are they so naked!
3. Wow, her boobs are small.
4. But at least this beat is cool.
5. Even though the dancing is no good.
6. I wonder what the lyrics are.

So I checked out the lyrics. They are very thinly veiled sex lyrics.

Suddenly, most of the song and video decisions made sense, and I was starting to dig the song and video. So much that I made a Pandora station based on it (and the first song that played was Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off"!!) And then I started doing some research into the ladies. I mean, look, I'm a fan of Nicki Minaj, and I'm definitely interested in getting more of her music. I'm really feeling the very sexy and even lewd, Anaconda. ("He toss my salad like his name Romaine!") As for the other girls?

I remember Price Tag. When I first heard it, I thought it was awesome. But I also thought it was strange that a non-famous singer would release that type of song. And then I watched the video, and it was such a disappointment. A song about money not being important was such a clearly produced expensive...just ugh. I can't say I've spent much time following Jessie J since then.

I heard Ariana Grande a year ago, I guess. I just remember seeing Baby I and wondering why a child was singing such a song. Ariana is so very much produced, and it's clear to me that everything she does is a decision about selling. I can't really get behind that. And her voice, it has issues. I know everyone is really on about her voice right now, but I'm not impressed.

So the girls in this video...awesome, ok, and ok. Not necessarily impressed with everything they're presenting to the world. But look, I love a song about sex. I love a song women are singing about sex. I'm not super impressed that the song is about comparing the singers to some other girl and is setting up competition therein, nor am I completely in love with some of the cliches in the song. But at the end of the day, it's three women owning sexuality. How genuine that ownership is, I'm unsure. (Though I buy Nicki's part the most, "Kitten so good, It's dripping on wood"!!) Nevertheless, in terms of women being represented in an equal way, out there speaking about topics where there is often more judgment and stigma for women than men, then I'm on board with this. I get that it's not perfect, but it's something, and that works for me.

Also, I just want to dance to it all day long!

But if you're not feeling it, here's another Bang, Bang...


  1. Hahaha oh my gosh. I never would have guessed what kind of musical taste you have. But then, I guess I ought not try and guess based on appearances anyway, since I love power metal myself.

    1. I like everything. I don't write about everything that I like, but I listen to everything.

  2. Ariana always either sounds like she's yelling or trying to be Mariah Carey, and she looks 12 even though she's 21. I think she plays up the "naughty little girl" image for the dudes who are into that, but hey, it's working. I used to be into Nicki Minaj, but I'm starting to get over her. I just don't feel like her music has evolved at all since she started, and her whole body is fake. As for Jessie J, I used to think she was a British Katy Perry but her voice is way stronger. The song is catchy indeed, but her voice shows potential for something even better. Also, even though her boobs are small I'm glad she hasn't succombed to plastic surgery! I'm interested to see what she comes out with next. And, as usual, I want all their outfits!

    1. 1. Ariana Grande does bad things with her voice, like shouting. She's not really trying to be Mariah Carey, because she's not really a good enough singer anyway. But the press keeps making comparisons, for sure. She looks like a child, and I think her entire image is created too...I don't think she has any say in anything she does, and I'm not interested in her enough to try to figure her out.

      2. Jessi J is just meh to me. She doesn't really stand out as someone worth following either. Her music is ok, and that's about it. I'd put her on mix tapes, though.

      3a. Why does it matter if Nicki Minaj has had plastic surgery? Are women not allowed to choose who they want to be? If she wants to look a certain way, isn't it her right? Also, there isn't really anything confirming she's had plastic surgery, except a lot of photos from bad angles and a lot of photos that have clearly been photoshopped. Celebrities and plastic surgery have always been about choosing the right photos to convince us of the rumor, and they're always retouched. I don't buy any of it, unless the celebrity confirms it.

      3b. I don't know if her music has evolved, but also why does it have to? I like that Taylor's music is evolving, but I also think it needed to. She can't stay 15 forever. But Nicki is writing really bold songs about sex and putting herself out there in a way that men are always allowed to do and women aren't. Even her latest promotional image, which was deemed "distasteful," she posted in comparison to other images that we deem acceptable by society. She's outspoken and that's good.

      3c. However, I don't follow any interviews or articles about Nicki, because I don't really care to. I might, because she's growing on me. But right now, I don't have much to go on.

    2. Re: the plastic surgery thing... it really didn't bother me until I read a quote by her on Instagram that said something like "there needs to be more curvy girls like me in the media" (I wish I could find it now but I have no idea where it is at this point). It kinda made me mad because if she did get fake boobs/butt (which no, she hasn't confirmed, but it looks like it to me) then she isn't naturally curvy, and it would be a weird thing to say coming from her. That's obviously just my opinion though and you don't have to agree, but that's my reason. If she was like "hey world, I got plastic surgery because I was insecure but I love my body now, and I don't care what you think about that!" I would have SO much more respect for her. I just don't like when people alter their appearances and then act like they're natural. Besides the curves, I would really like to see photos of her without all the makeup and wigs, just to show us that she's a real person. That's important to me.

      Her music doesn't HAVE to evolve, because obviously she's doing well either way, but I get bored when a musician/singer/etc has a similar sound throughout all of their albums. I like when they change it up, otherwise I lose interest. That's why there are very few artists that I stick to for many years at a time. My tastes change pretty frequently. It's not just her, it happens with many people. I loved Drake for years but I'm not really liking what he's doing now, so I haven't been listening to him as much.

    3. I read somewhere she calls people "Barbie" because they're fake, so it would be shitty if she was doing that AND she had plastic surgery.

      My friend, Tre, who is way more into her than I...he says she has had ass shots and boob job and admitted it in a song. Ehh... Whatever. But I guess people are mad that she says "Fuck the skinny bitches." Since I don't follow her, I'm not so into it.

      I do prefer music that evolves, a la Taylor Swift (who NEEDED to evolve). But I know some indie bands have gotten hate for "changing their sound". I feel like, if you're doing something I like, then keep at it. And if you want to grow and change as an artist, I'm into it.

      BUUUUUUTTTTT...I'm not at all picky. I listen to EVERYTHING. So, you know, I'm not really the best to talk about sound!