Thursday, October 30, 2014

Food Review : Crave in Akron

Recently (within the last six months, because I'm on top of life AND blogging), a friend took me to Crave in downtown Akron. We were going to Urban Eats, but those bitches closed early one day! So we went around the corner to Crave, which is a fancy and totally overpriced food place in downtown Akron.

The problem with Crave starts with its menu : It is IMPOSSIBLE to read. For whatever reason, they use this awful font and run everything together. It's also one of those places that uses 800 million ingredients when 5 would do just fine. Nevertheless, I discerned the menu long enough to order a pretty paleo option (because I was still trying paleo then) :

Steak Tips and Sweet Potato Fries

Food rating : GOOD. Good is not great. Good is, "I would go there again if a friend wanted to but maybe not on my own." However, I do remember saying that I think Adam would really like to try the place. And to be fair, my issues are really all about how impossible the menu is to read. In fact, my friend had been there before and said everything was tasty and generally good, but the menu was problematic. It just goes to show how much a readable menu can affect someone's visit. What I'm saying is, I'm not going to tell you to avoid the place. Give it a try, if you want. Just be ready to decipher the fucking menu!

My friend ordered Fried (Green??) Tomatoes which were also GOOD.

There was one other thing of note : they brew their own root beer. I am a root beer lover and knew of only two other places in the area that make their own (Bob's Hamburg on East and Retro Dog out in Cuyahoga Falls). Obvs, I had to try a root beer float because root beer floats are amazing. Clearly, I didn't give a shit about the non-paleo aspect of said float.

Final rating : REALLY GOOD. I mean, Bob's still has the best root beer, but this was a damn good float. Now if only the table hadn't been so high as to make drinking the float difficult. Crave needs to learn a thing or two about fucking ambiance.

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