Sunday, October 5, 2014

All the life stuff and unrealistic beauty.

Oh man, I have so much to cover in this post!

1. 52 Weeks of Paleo : Week 15
You might have noticed that it's been 5 weeks since my last paleo post. That is because I haven't really been doing it at all. I mean, yes, mom has been buying paleo groceries and I have made an effort, once or twice, to choose something paleo. Ok, but I was heavy into County Fair Season for all of September, and I was working 6-9 days in a row, 12-hour days, and just trying to get through with life. So I let everything go. And then I quit that job (more on that this week) and was lied to by another job (more on that this week) and finally kicked someone out of my life for good (more on that this week) and also decided to run the Cleveland Marathon this May (more on that in this post). So here I am, in the midst of a bunch of change, finally settled down from event marketing, a lot of possibilities on the horizon, and it's time to get back into gear. I'm recommitting with a renewed vigor!

2. Marathon Training : PART TWO!!!
I hadn't run since last February and then I decided I needed to get back into running and then mom and I found a decent pair of shoes on sale for $40 and then I started running and then I thought and thought and thought and finally asked mom to give me as Christmas and birthday gifts, marathon registration and shoes and fancy bras...and so here I am. Doing marathon training again. I was out of shape, but I am back in the game and building mileage and I'm so excited. I'm nervous too, but I have confidence in my abilities to do this again!

3. Can we talk about how these celebrities aren't fat?!?
First, I want to point out to you, this post from a total assface. Honestly, I couldn't finish it. When she started to differentiate fat from obese, I was just over it. Because here is the thing : obesity is not a scientific word for health or lack thereof. It just isn't. Obesity is our culture's (and apparently other cultures') word for aesthetics; specifically, displeasing aesthetics due to weight. So anyway.

But what really, really bugs me is how people like to toss around the names of certain celebrities as being thin. Case in point : Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe was NOT FAT. In fact, she was probably a size 2. Check out these articles on her measurements, Snopes debunking the myth, and just how fucked up her life was in general because drug abuse, etc. Bottom line, Marylin Monroe was neither fat nor a good role model.

Or how about Jennifer Lawrence:

That picture tends to float around the tumblr with some quote about Jennifer Lawrence not wanting girls to miss a meal to look like her. But the thing is, she is so skinny up there. She is proportionate AND skinny, and no amount of saying she's fatter than other actresses changes the fact that her body is not a realistic size for the vast majority of American women. Check out this article on how she body shames more than you think. Also, here's a hilarious one from buzz feed about all you can learn about eating from Jennifer Lawrence. And in case you're wondering, Jennifer Lawrence stands about 5'8" and weights about 135 pounds. Not really fat by any definition. So let's just stop using her as an example.

My final example : Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce is one of those celebrities who seems to have reached saint status, and is certainly used as an example of a "thick" girl. Which, compared to some models and celebrities, I guess she is thicker. But compared to the average American woman, she's just not. Beyonce has fully admitted that she works to stay thinner. It's important to remember this : celebrities can put "staying thin" in their schedule. Beyonce can dedicate more time and energy to staying thin than you ever will and she can afford to eat far better food than you can. Beyonce stands about 5'5" and weighs about 135 pounds, which is 30 pounds less than the average American woman at the same height.

I mean, look, I just don't want you to compare yourself to ANYONE. You are fabulous and wonderful just the way you are! But I want you to understand that reality of "fat" celebrities, which is that they aren't. Let's stop perpetuating myths!


  1. The term "fat" has become so relative and has so many different connotations... as far as those 3 celebrities go, the only thing I've noticed about them that might be unique (compared to other celebrities) is that they have hips, but that doesn't mean that their bodies are the same as what some would call "normal" women.

    1. Word girl, word. I think we need to stop comparing ourselves to anyone, just in general. But like, these women are not even average and they are not good examples of attainable beauty.