Monday, November 24, 2014

Cache Adventures : Near Downtown

Way back when...Adam and I were going to partake in the Gay Games, only to find out the itinerary had changed and a free event was now cost prohibitive. Not to completely lose what I paid for parking, we hit up a couple of geocaches near Downtown.

It turned out to be a really great decision. There is a series in Cleveland, Steeples and Stained Glass, that features some of the awesome churches in Cleveland. There were two church-related caches near CSU's campus. I'm finding that church caches are almost as fun as cemetery caches. It's cool to see different types of church architecture and there are usually great photographic opportunities as well. Another cache we found was near the entrance to the WEWS Channel 5 building (with the cool windows where I took our first selfie!). There was a great historical marker about a female journalist, first to anchor a news show (right here in Cleveland). Despite the disappointments of the Gay Games fiasco, we ended up having fun checking out a little corner of Cleveland and learning stuff too!

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