Thursday, November 13, 2014

Food Review : Angelo's Pizza Lakewood

On the way to visit a friend, Adam and I decided on pizza...we were headed to Lakewood, so we picked a pizza shop in Lakewood...Angelo's Pizza. I thought I had never been to it before, but I had actually had lunch there with a friend. We headed in at dinner time on a Friday or Saturday (can't remember which day) and it was PACKED. The weekends are definitely a call ahead time, or plan to wait a bit. But once you're seated and ordered, the pizza comes fast!

I had forgotten how awesome this pizza is, easily my fave in NEOhio. (My previous, all time fave pizza ever, closed down more than a decade ago.) Everything about this pizza is awesome; the crust, the sauce, the cheese, the toppings. I won't engage in any debate about New York vs Chicago, because Ohio pizza is most often neither. Ohio pizza is Ohio pizza. It's got a medium crust that thickens at the edge of the pizza, liberal red sauce (in the case of Angelo's, just a bit sweet), another liberal dose of cheese (generally a mozzarella mix), and then toppings. This crust had the perfect amount of crisp vs. soft and the sauce was just...different. The sauce is a great red sauce, somewhat sweet, which I really like. The service is basic and the price is about $2 more than I'd pay at my usual place in Akron, but it's worth it. This is definitely a place worth visiting...something to put on a Cleveland Must Eat list!

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