Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Food Review : Castillo Mexicano

There's this strange Mexican restaurant on Route 6, in Lorain. I've passed it many times. It's a large building, right on the Lake, shaped like a castle. It's called Castillo Mexicano. One day, Adam and I were on our way home and decided to stop. We managed to snag a seat on the patio outside, quite a walk from the entrance, overlooking the Lake. I ordered my usual, taquitos (flautas). Everything was fine. The waitress was awesome. I had a yummy drink too, suggested by the waitress. It was a pretty average Mexican restaurant in an unusual building with good food. If you're ever out that way, it's worth a stop, for sure. If you're out when the weather is warm, it's definitely a great place to have lunch or dinner and enjoy a view of the Lake.

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