Saturday, November 8, 2014

Geocaching : First date

OK, so since I've officially, introduce him, how about I tell you about our first date? Adam is newish to the Cleveland area and I thought our first date would be a good chance to explore a neighborhood in Cleveland. There is a lot of Polish and Slavic culture in Cleveland, so I suggested The Red Chimney in Clevelands Slavic Village for lunch, followed by geocaching in the area.

Our first stop was part of a series around Cleveland, Steeples and Stained Glass. We logged a DNF. But we found another one near the Polish-American Cultural Center and at a cemetery in the area. It was a warm day, but it was sunny and beautiful. And of course, I was having a great time with this fantastic new guy I had met! It was Adam's first time geocaching and he enjoyed it, which always makes me happy, because I love going geocaching with friends!


  1. I haven't been geocaching in a while! I love it though.


  2. I never knew Cleveland had such rich Polish ancestry. Now I have even more of a reason to go there! ;)