Thursday, November 20, 2014

Instagram Print Reviews : Part 1

I probably should've been printing my Instagrams for all the years I've been taking them...but I haven't really had a reason to until recently. I upload everything to my flickr account and keep them in order by phone or by account. (When my phone was stolen out of my hand, I closed down my old Instagram and reopened a new one.) Keeping them online where they are free to download means I've never had to print photos for anyone else. Anyone (yes, anyone) can go to my flickr stream and download my Instas for their own use, whatever that might be. I hold no illusions that the internet is a safe keeping place, so I keep everything available and then don't worry about distributing to friends or family.

But Adam is not entirely with the times. Y'all, he still has a flip phone with a 160 character limit on texts. I've turned on my character count so I can see that I'm sending him texts that will fit in the message!!

I wanted to print some of our Instas for Adam and for myself. I bought a little 3x3 frame and wanted to print some pictures for him so he could have one of us in his room. I also wanted to print some for me...some of Adam and I, some of the kitties, a couple of my recent work. And I printed a couple of the kitties for my mom. As long as I was jumping on the Insta-printing wagon, I decided to print for errybody!

My first stop was Foxgram. You can google, "Instagram prints," and find dozens of options. Most of them are pricing or very specifically about printing THINGS and not PRINTS. I just wanted some prints and Foxgram was the least expensive...and also the worst option. I quickly ordered my prints and they NEVER CAME. I tried to call the company, but there is no number. The only option is to e-mail them, and they quickly blame any problems on you. So don't use them. Just don't. They are the worst company. I mean, maybe your Instas will come or maybe they'll get to your city and be turned around and Foxgram will blame the problem on you through a series of short and rude e-mails. Avoid them.

After waiting for two weeks, I decided to go with the absolute most convenient option: Walgreens. Yep, you can print your Instas in an hour, right around the corner from you! They even have a free app to make it super easy. As far as ease of use, I 100% suggest Walgreens. Make sure you pick the 4x4 option, though! The photo lady told me people don't and they receive photos with heads cut off.


My only issue was quality. Many of the pictures weren't sharp, and it's hard to tell if that's because of what I was photographing or not...because Instagram is high resolution and infinity focus, so everything should be sharp, but some of mine weren't. And then ALL of them were a little bit dull. Photos that I purposely saturated and made very bright came out slightly dull. (Check out the one of Kendra in the top of the photo versus the ones I posted yesterday. Just not quite bright.

So yes, I like Walgreens, but yes, I'm still going to try a few other places. I'll let you know how it goes


  1. I had no idea Walgreens did this. I've found it's usually cheaper and easier to order prints than print them though. Looking for the app now...