Sunday, December 28, 2014

Campfire Cooking : Breakfast Hash

Another popular recipe for campfire or camp stove cooking is hash. Hash is basically eggs and potatoes and meat and cheese all cooked together. It can be put together in many ways. At the time, I was experimenting with paleo and decided I didn't want eggs. So much like my not goulash recipe, I changed stuff up.

The recipe I found used soup as an ingredient, probably for flavor and also moisture. It also had eggs and meat and veggies. I picked up a lot of what I had around the house; bacon, ham, sweet potatoes, and onions. Just like with my not goulash, I soaked the onions and sweet potatoes in olive oil so I wouldn't have to pack it. Seriously, this is a fantastic trick I've discovered. I just make sure to thoroughly coat each slice of veggie as I pack it and it keeps them well lubricated and ready to cook without fear of drying out. I didn't want to use eggs, maybe because I didn't have any. Not sure. I was also careful to read the ingredients of the soup I bought...partially to have a better paleo option and also because while doing so I learned how much crap they put in soup. Homemade soup would've been great, if I felt like going that far. I didn't. Just read ingredients and you'll learn a lot!

The ingredients were cooked in stages, set aside, and then added back in with the soup and cooked down. So first bacon, then veggies (whatever you have on hand or think you'd like...I just chose everything as I went and remembered to make the flavors compliment each other. I went with a creamy tortilla soup because I knew it would taste good with the two types of pork I had on hand. I knew that sweet potatoes would taste great with these flavors which is why I put them in the hash and the eggplant in the not goulash. If you're not comfortable mixing flavors, stick with basics : meat, potatoes, eggs, soup. Those things all have neutral flavors. After everything was heated, it was all added to the skillet with the soup and cooked down.

Part of cooking on a campfire stove or camp fire is constant stirring so stuff doesn't burn. But it's camping, so what do you have to do but watch your food cook? Certainly not watch tv, right? So stir and stir and stir some more. Once the soup was cooked down, I thought a good idea would be to add ALL THE CHEESE. I mean, more cheese is always good, right? That's my theory on life. More cheese and then also more cheese. Once everything stared to look like a really thick stew, we served it up and ate it!

Adam brought some decidedly un-paleo bread. Because he loves bread. I had some. But this dish is pretty filling without the bread and totally paleo for sure. It was pretty easy to prepare and put together. You could easily find 8 million recipes for campfire hash via Google or you could just grab what's around the house, including whatever soup you might have around, and mix up a tasty hash. This is also a good recipe for leftovers. Throw it all in a pot and cook it up!

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