Monday, December 29, 2014

Campfire Cooking : Dinner, Dessert, and Breakfast Dessert

For my second round of campfire cooking, I used actual fire...well, hot coals or ashes. I really wanted to try to cook on a fire instead of on a stove, because it just felt more authentic. There are lots of recipes out there and a variety of ways to cook. You can put a grill down and cook on the grill, cook on a skillet, or even use a dutch oven. But I wanted to go even more into it and use foil packets. Just like with everything else, there are a LOT of different recipes and just like with my Not Goulash and Breakfast Hash, I altered the recipes.

For dinner, I cut up the veggies we had, broccoli and zucchini, two small steaks (I didn't want to worry about leaving them whole), and dumped in a can of French Onion soup for moisture. Adam was way more adept at cooking on "hot coals" than I was and set everything up for me. Basically, you start the fire and let it burn for at least a half hour. When you have a bunch of small pieces of wood and ash that are red hot, stick your tin foil pack down in there. Leave the fire burning over night (unless you're in an arid climate) and then use the burned down fire for breakfast in the morning. It's not hard, but if you don't understand what parts of the fire are hot, it might seem confusing. Once you put everything down there, just leave it for about a half hour...long enough for the tin foil to be hot but not charred. Bam! Delicious food.

I was not satisfied leaving the dinner as the only delicious food we had and decided to do roasted apples. I cut the top off, carved out a hollow, and stuck half of a Hershey's bar in there. Put it in tin foil, put it in the coals, and baked the shit out of those apples. They came out super juicy and awesomely tasty. The original recipe called for Nutella, but yuck. You could do this with pears and caramel and cheese. You can do this with bananas and chocolate and marshmallow (overdone, as far as I'm concerned). Or I don't know, get creative. Hollow something out, shove something in there, wrap it in foil, and cook it on the campfire. I'm sure deliciousness will result.

My final "dessert" was actually our breakfast. I used peaches, cut in half, place blue berries on them, dumped sugar all over them, sprinkled them with lemon juice, wrapped in foil, and baked them up. I received another juicy, delicious mess. I'm pretty sure I ended up cooking something else for breakfast and decided that the fruit would be "breakfast dessert". But if you're not into Nutella or chocolate, this is a yummy dinner dessert. Leave off the sugar and it's definitely fully healthy.

All of these options were pretty paleo. Yes, there was chocolate, but dark chocolate is a great paleo substitute. Yes, there was sugar, but honey or maple syrup would work fine. And everything was super tasty and really filling. The hardest part was not tearing the tin foil. I wrapped everything twice and packed it in tupperware containers but still managed to tear some a bit when taking it out and placing it on the fire. Other than that, everything cooked exactly as it should and made camping feel super fancy.

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