Saturday, December 27, 2014

Campfire Cooking : Not Goulash!

When I was preparing for my first time cooking on a campfire or camp stove, I did a LOT of googling. A really popular camp dish is goulash, so I decided to do that...sort of.

I read a bunch of goulash recipes and saw that many of them require a dutch oven, which I knew we didn't have. So I needed an option that didn't require me cooking the pasta onsite. It's a pretty easy fix; precook everything and then throw it in the skillet at the camp site. EASY! (No really, it's totally easy.)

So, I had all my ingredients and just needed to heat them up at the camp site, which is easy. But instead of making goulash, I made what I like to call, "Not Goulash". Since Adam has lived in Romania where goulash is a dish that happens often, he probably thought my Not Goulash was a joke because it was missing a key ingredient, paprika. I mean, I read a bunch of recipes that required mixing up my own spice bag and taking it with me and I was just not interested. Instead, I grabbed a great collection of seasoning from Quaker Steak and Lube, Buckeye BBQ. It's a great collection of seasoning that went with what I was cooking for dinner as well as for breakfast. I also substituted a lot of other items because I basically took the recipe for goulash and grabbed whatever I had in my house and then bought that Buckeye BBQ seasoning. I do this with recipes a lot, because I may as well use what I have, right?

Goulash or not, the end result was really yummy and filling. Adam and I both enjoyed full bellies and my mismatched recipe. Because, honestly, cooking isn't really that hard...or maybe I'm lazy and pick really easy recipes and ingredients! In the end, what did I use?

  1. Eggplant soaked in olive oil (or any veggie you have handy...soaked in olive oil so I didn't have to pack olive oil)
  2. Pre-cooked sausage
  3. Pasta that I cooked at home tossed in spaghetti sauce cooked at home
  4. Seasoning (whatever tickles your fancy)
  5. TONS OF CHEESE!!! (something shredded because why pack a grater)

The sausage came precooked but I cooked the pasta and sauce at home. I cut up the eggplant and soaked it in olive oil in the tupperware container I packed. As I heated everything up,I sprinkled it with seasoning, VERY liberally. You could do this at home with just whatever you have around the house. You could do this for a family picnic or cook out. You could take it to a potluck, just cook it all up at home first. It's really tasty and carbs are so yummy and good for camping and hiking! (Or use some other pasta substitute like quinoa or some paleo option, whatever.) Seriously, so easy and delicious!

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