Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cooking : Paleo Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

When mom and I were experimenting with paleo, we definitely craved sweets and desserts. I know that a lot of blogs would say this is a problem and we should not eat paleo snacks and baked goods and so on...but I feel like making cookies from scratch from ingredients I can see and understand how they were processed is better than buying crap from a box. I get that any flour is processed and some sugars (not maple syrup or honey) are processed, but whatever. I like cookies.

I experimented with almond flour and discovered a recipe for bacon chocolate chip cookies that is absolutely AWESOME! At the time, we had an old oven with no numbers on the handles. I was using an oven thermometer to figure out the temperature, which made for inconsistent baking in the beginning. So definitely make sure you know the temperature when you're cooking! Also, I once tried to double the recipe and it didn't work right. I don't know why. Stick to the measurements! Also, this bakes best immediately after the batter was made. Maybe it's the lack of preservatives or something, but even waiting until after a shift at work, this doesn't bake as well for me.

In the end, I found a really delicious recipe that is easy to make (though not cheap) and makes me feel less guilty than eating a candy bar!!!

The burnt cookies are because of the lack of proper cooking temp. When baked at the right temp, they look like normal cookies!

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