Thursday, December 4, 2014

Food Review : Callaloo Cafe

In a quest for yummy dinner, Adam and I headed over to The Beachland Tavern. Sadly, there was a band playing that night and a cover. We weren't interested in paying a cover for dinner, so we went down the block to the Callaloo Cafe. Callaloo serves Trinidadian food, something I haven't had much of. When I lived in Florida, I could find Caribbean anywhere, but in Ohio, it's far less common. It turned out to be a great decision, because there was live music that night. So we ended up with dinner and music, for free!

I ordered fish tacos. I think there was more than one fish from which to choose, and I can't remember what I chose. (I should write shit down when I order ethnic food!) I just wanted to try something new but not something really frightening, you know? They had a lot of dishes that are the equivalent of home cooking for their culture, and I was slightly scared of the names. (Adam ordered one of the platters with a strange sort of name, and I tried a bit. It was good.) The food is good. It's weird, to me, but very good. The music was good too. The atmosphere was very different. It felt a little like I had stepped out of Cleveland and was transported to somewhere else. The menu is slightly limited, featuring a special...but it has veggie options as well, which is nice. The atmosphere was super cool and the music was good. If you've been to the Beachland Tavern, next time, walk down the block and try Callaloo. If you're looking for something new and different in Cleveland, this cafe is worth the trip.

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