Thursday, December 11, 2014

Food Review : A couple of food trucks

Over the summer, I had the pleasure of trying out LOTS of food at all kinda food trucks. Whether I was working a week at a county fair or helping mom out at a craft show or checking out some event in NEOhio, I was able to try lots and lots of food from various trucks. So here are two I really liked! (And remember to Instagram to review.)

First up : The Overlook in Kent. They had a food truck set up at the Stark County Fair, which was just a tragedy. There is no way that crowd appreciated their delicious food. I ate dinner with them every single day, because they were that good. I tried everything on their limited menu (because food truck) and it was all so good! Actually, I'm sad I haven't gotten out to their restaurant. I need to get on that!

The Cleveland Flea always has yummy food trucks. If you ever visit it for no other reason than yummy food, that's a good enough reason. They also have vendors in tents selling yummy coffee or juices or cookies or any number of things. I mean, go for the food, stay for the antiques, maybe? Anyway, one food truck I tried this summer is A Manna Truck. I've since had their good at another show too. Oh man, so good! I had the eggplant fries, which, you know, add more fried food to my life, please! There is something really Cleveland feeling to this truck and the food is delicious!

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