Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Food Review : Here and There

Y'all, going out to dinner or lunch is basically my favorite thing ever. Whenever I read budgety blog posts about cutting back on eating out, I always think, "I'd rather never buy new shoes and never go to a movie than stop eating out!" I've got a TON of mini food reviews banked and I want to get them up and posted this week. I've decided to combine two reviews to one post (or three in this case). I fell behind and have banked a ton of stuff, but I'm still technically behind and would really love to catch up sometime in January. So this is a week of food!!!

My first review for this is the one that is most out of place with all the others, White House Chicken in Barberton, Ohio. Barberton is somewhat famous for its fried chicken. Something about the original immigrants and preserving the way they made chicken so that you can't find it made this way everywhere. Sadly, my favorite chicken dinner place is closing. I'd been to all the other chicken dinner places in Barberton, but never White House. It is in a little white house. It is extremely clean inside and the servers are very good at what they do, which is taking orders for chicken dinner. You can get all dark or all white or mixed or whatever. It's a very standard menu, really. I always get all white and my mom gets five thigh. The chicken was just like everywhere else, which is to say, the best damn friend chicken on the face of the planet. No, but seriously. Please come visit me and I'll take you. Service was ridiculously fast, and we were in and out within a half hour! It was a little abrupt, but it'll do. Barberton Fried Chicken is just the best!

Big Al's is a small diner on Larchmere in Cleveland. I found it via googling. I like to google things like, "Best Burger Cleveland" and then see all the WORST places make the top of the list. (Dear Cleveland's, ENOUGH with Michael Symon and chains!) But usually, the fourth or fifth item on the list is usually the actual best. Big Al's is a place out of time. It is tiny and old but clean. The cost is fine and the atmosphere is VERY local, but I wasn't satisfied with my breakfast. It's my fault, really. I keep ordering omelettes and getting egg foldovers. I should just stop because no one knows how to make an omelette. Adam like his breakfast. I'd go again. If you're in the Cleveland area, it's worth checking out. If you're visiting, there are plenty of other good places to eat.

After geocaching Lakeview, Adam and I headed into Little Italy for dinner. My general M.O. is to walk up the hill, checking out the prices on the menus, and picking a place. Other than choosing the proper bakery (it's ALWAYS Presti's, never the other place), you really can't go wrong with any restaurant in Little Italy. It's generally a matter of picking the right price point. I've eaten at almost every restaurant on the hill and always had a good time. Maxi's was no different. Adam and I sat on the back patio, enjoyed some Italian beer, and delicious past dishes. It was amazing. Go there! Or go anywhere on the hill, honestly. But seriously, Maxi's is a good place to try, if you haven't been yet. And if you're visiting Cleveland, then Maxi's will be a delicious dinner that isn't too expensive!

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