Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Genghis Con and Stancato's

Last day of 2014 and I'm going to fill you in on the final post ! have banked about stuff I did recently! (Except I'm also going to write about holiday stuff in January.)

On my last 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days, I had "go to a comic-con" on my list. Well, the list ended before I made it to Cleveland's Genghis Con in November. Genghis Con is a TINY comic con that's all about indie designers. It's such a small event that it lasts only a few hours, not even a full day. But it was totally awesome. I really, really, really wish I wasn't broke...but even with no money, I still managed to collect a ton of free stuff, like little bitty comics printed out in tiny books.

I think this event would be fun to visit with more time...I would've loved to take a sketch book or even a pad of chalk pastel paper and had the artists make sketches for me. (It's something you can do at most, if not all, comic cons. The artists draw for a small fee.) And because the event is little, there are really no lines. There was a lot to discover as well and I did feel like a tool for grabbing only free crap. But Adam found a cool little book.

The Lake Erie Building hosted the event, so a selfie was needed. This building is so pretty!

After the event, we went way out to Parma to try a new restaurant I had discovered while working a food show at the IX Center. Stancatos was on hand, giving out samples, but I picked up a gift basket for my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas. I had never heard of the restaurant before, but some of the show goers knew all about Staccatos and assured me it was the best place. Adam and I rolled up on a day when they had their all-you-can-eat buffet for, like, $15 each, which was a better price than some of the entrees. Stancatos isn't cheap, but it's not the most expensive place ever. The atmosphere is great, our server was awesome, and we had a great time and some yummy food. So I definitely recommend Staccatos. It is worth the drive to Parma, I promise!

Yummy sausages (homemade) and also a hot pepper I did NOT eat. Also, that tomato bisque (or whatever) was SO GOOD!

Srsly, when mussels are included in the buffet, it's always worth it to go for the buffet! Also, that ravioli was on the menu and I wanted to try it, so I did. Extra yum!

I cannot eat Italian without some tiramisu. Yummy coffee drink too (the alcoholic kind)!

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