Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Halloween at Mahall's

I'm trying hard to wrap up all my banked posts from 2014 before I head into 2015. I'm excited because I have a pretty big post to start. But I also probably have a few events from 2014 that I'll post in January. In the meantime, for Halloween, Adam and I went to a concert at Mahall's featuring Angela Perley and the Howling Moons and The Womacks. I had heard The Womacks before. They're friends of Adam and we shared our fave music in some of our first messages to each other. I was super excited to see them play. I had not heard of Angela Perley before and she was SO GOOD! She even played the saw, which is pretty badass. I just wish I had had money for some cds, because I loved every single song. I'd never been to Mahall's for a concert, though I'd eaten there before. Adam was under the weather and couldn't fully enjoy dinner, which was sad. The food there is so yummy! Basically, it was a totally awesome night.

A weird drink with Mescal...yuck!

AMAZING tacos and nachos!!!

Noah, of the Womacks, as "some guy". That's his sister's jacket. We think he looks like a drug dealer, maybe. Head of a cartel? It was fun meeting the band, because they are friends of Adam. I look forward to seeing them play more in the future!

She was a Lichtenstein!

Tinkerbell and "Safari Guy" Maybe next year, we'll do a couple costume.

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