Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Loud Ladies

So, my friend, Steph is doing a really big thing called Loud Ladies 2015. It sounds like a really awesome opportunity to connect with other lady bloggers, talk about life, learn from an experienced blogger, and probably a bunch of other magical crap that will happen over the course of the year-long program. It sounds like it has the potential to be completely life changing. It sounds pretty awesome and also just a little bit scary.

I really want to join in this program, but I can't. The bottom line is that I don't have the money for this program. No matter how much I want to join, I actually can't. Assuming it's a success (which it will be, because Steph is awesome), then I know it'll happen next year. So, I could wait. Or I could join the giveaway with this post and hope I'm selected and have an opportunity to experience Loud Ladies 2015!

I think the best way to talk about why I want to do it is simply give a list of the reasons why I want it and the reasons why maybe I don't and then let Steph determine if it sounds like I'm a good fit. She created it, so I trust she knows.

Why I want to participate in Loud Ladies 2015:

  1. I'm super curious! Steph is my friend and is a total genius and awesome person and I love seeing what she does with her life. Before she was my friend, I was a regular reader of her blog. So I want to see everything my best friend is doing but I also want to see everything my favorite blogger is doing. I would join in an instant for that reason alone, if I had the money.
  2. I love the idea of making new friends, especially the kind that I think will participate in Loud Ladies. I've had the pleasure of making friends with a handful of Steph's readers. In fact, most of the new traffic that comes to my blog is because I participate in Steph's blog so often. The people I've met through Steph are just the bestest. We've become regular blogging friends, interacted via social media, exchanged personal e-mails, sent and receive snail mail, texted, and even met. Steph attracts really awesome people. She's like a total magnet for wonderful, real, awesome ladies...who don't seem to mind my personality, especially the disagreeable and intense parts of my personality.
  3. I really want a blog analysis. Oh man, that would be cool. I'm totally curious what the questionnaire is and what Steph will think of my blog. I'm also interested in talking about my blog with a more experienced blogger...whom I don't think is a totally fake jack ass. Steph is real and I don't think the advice she'll give me will be like super lame and tell me to be someone I'm not. Most of the blog "tips" I read online don't apply to me at all, but I trust that Steph would give really, really good advice.
  4. I'd like to share my dreams with someone and work to make my goals attainable. I do it all on my own and as much as I have friends with whom I can share what I want to do...there's just not any real sense of guidance. It's great to have supportive friends, but maybe it would be awesome to have an actual coach. I imagine Steph and I working together to really hash out a great plan to accomplish my goals, and that would be awesome.

Reasons why maybe I'm not the best candidate for Loud Ladies 2015:

  1. I'm afraid I won't like the other Loud Ladies or won't feel comfortable around them. I have made great friends through Steph, but they've happened slowly and one-on-one. I generally build interpersonal relationships in a one-on-one manner. The idea of meeting an entire group of ladies, one of whom will be my pen pal, is intimidating. What if I hate that bitch and have to spend an entire year pretending like I give a shit when I don't? The year would probably be less fulfilling that way, right? But yeah, I'm nervous about that.
  2. I'm afraid of the "constructive criticism". I've had lots of terrible experiences with criticism that has been anything but constructive. If I'm sensitive about something, even the best advice can feel very hurtful. What if I participate in this year and all the criticism I receive is not helpful and I don't use it? Then I would've invested in something that didn't really give me what I want. I fear that could happen.
  3. "you'd rather "deal with" the way life is than make hard-but-good changes" : That's a direct quote from Steph's information about the program and it makes me nervous. I'm really, really good at dealing with life and I don't believe that there is a guaranteed point where life gets easy. I'm good at keeping myself accountable and constantly strive to change who I am. How do I know that someone else's ideas to change my life are "hard-but-good"? What if I disagree and I don't think these changes are right for me? Will myself and Steph feel like we put in effort for something that isn't going anywhere? That would be the worst, wouldn't it? I worry about that as well.

That's it. After reading over Steph's program information those are the happy and excited and curious and nervous and scared and intimidated thoughts that I have. And now, it's up to Steph to determine if letting this gal into her program for free makes any sense. And if it doesn't, then I will definitely have to make sure I spend 2015 saving up so I can participate in 2016!!!!


  1. Right with you on a lot of that! I'll have the opportunity to do a lot more next year, so I'm thinking of waiting it out till 2016 too, because I'm not sure it would be the best financial decision right now.

    Good luck! I'm rooting for you as the winner!

    1. I'm not sure I can be the winner. I think there's a conflict of interest because of my friendship with Steph. But thanks for rooting for me! Maybe we'll both do it together next year!