Sunday, December 14, 2014

Marathon Training : Not much happening.

This week was supposed to be my 12-mile week...but I'm in Florida this weekend. I run M-W-F, so my 12-miles would've been on the Friday I was in St. Augustine. Obviously, that wouldn't happen. 12 miles would've taken up too much of my day. As a compromise, I was going to get up super early and run 8 miles through the city. I thought this would be cool. And then I tried to run to work on Wednesday...well, actually, I ran a really rough (and cool) trail on Monday. Somewhere in the scrambling over rocks and running down stairs, I twisted my ankle again. It felt too tender to run to work on Wednesday. I was limping, so not good. I bailed on that run. This vacation weekend has not included running...and next week, there isn't quite enough time to fit in 12 miles, without rearranging my running days. I don't like to run on a non-running day. It feels wrong, I'm never as motivated, it feels like I'm interrupting some other section of my life that is reserved for not-running. It has nothing to do with how much I like or dislike running, it's just about how I need things to happen at certain times to feel right. But it's ok. I'm really fine on mileage so I'm telling myself not to worry!

Meanwhile, I'm in Florida, meeting bloggers and internet friends and photographing a wedding and just having fun with Adam!!! I'm thinking about life. Lots.

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