Friday, January 9, 2015

All your words have impact.

Here is what happened on Twitter:

To which I replied, "Why does she need help? Because she is a woman or because she is pregnant?"

What followed was your average Twitter fight. The original commenter sees no wrong in her words and escalates it with sarcasm. I don't back down because I don't back down. Someone else joins in and mocks me. And finally, at the end, the someone else tweets, "GIRL JUST STOP. The fact is this person was in need of a helping hand and no one helped her. The end. Enjoy your day." To which I responded with some mild sarcasm.

And then I tweeted:

Which is to say that if the story started at the beginning with a "person" needing help and "other persons" not helping that person, there would be no issue. But saying a pregnant woman needs help doing something as simple as scraping a windshield and the people who should've helped her were men, well that's sexism. And I know, someone is sitting their rolling their eyes, saying, "Oh for fuck's sake, it's not that big of a deal."

OK, but I just read the latest Runner's World and let me tell you this; ALL athletics, ALL OF THEM, are divided up by men and women. That means that the heads of all the countries and all the major sporting events and every event that determines what the human body can do is divided up because the entire world thinks that women are inherently lacking what men have. (There is no scientific evidence to support this, only anecdotal evidence that says women don't win men's competitions.) So, excluding astronauts and some militaries (only the U.S. Coast Guard, not any other branch of the U.S. military), the entire world is set up to say that women are less than men. This doesn't even include politics or the job market or anything, but it's true in those places as well.

Ladies, every day that you wake up, every leader in every athletic event thinks that you will never, never, never, NEVER be able to accomplish what a man could. Doesn't that bother you?

It bothers me. A lot. It bothers me that it's accepted as common knowledge that I'm less than my male counterparts. It doesn't matter that I'm just a small human, smaller than 90% of all other grown humans. That isn't taken into consideration because I have boobs and a vagina, so I'm just less than everything with a penis, automatically, no questions asked, it just is.

And then some idiot on Twitter wants to post about how a pregnant girl can't even scrape her own windshield without the help of men and I just want to set the world on fire.

So anyway, say what you want. If I see your sexist tweet, I'll continue to comment. Or maybe, get a little educated and stop giving the world more fuel to say that you are less than a man. Because yeah, some men are better at some things than you are and so are some women, and then some aren't. But don't you wish you could wake up one day on equal footing without anyone assuming that there is a whole ton of crap you just can't do because you're a girl? I know I'd love it.

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