Thursday, January 8, 2015

Cache Adventures : Hudson and Crown Hill

I've decided to embark on 365 Days of Geocaching, so I definitely want to post any old stuff, because I'm hoping to have a regular Saturday feature of geocaching!

Prior to meeting me, Adam had heard of geocaching but had never been. He's an outdoorsy fellow, like myself, and geocaching fits in with what we like to do. I'm not sure he loves it quite as much as I. But we have a tendency to go places and take the long way and maybe try to find a geocache or two, which is basically perfect for me. Next summer, I hope we get out to hit some geocaching trails!

Several months ago, we were spending a day together and were heading from Downtown Hudson to his friend's house in Lakewood, but we basically had all day to get there. So I plotted a course with some geocaches. First up; a cute little park in Hudson, Maple Grove Park. This park is on the outskirts of Hudson and has a little collection of geocaches along the park's loop trail. As I told Adam I would, when bushwhacking, I always find the hardest way in. Luckily, Adam is better at finding the easier way in and out.

Our next stop was Crown Hill Cemetery. I'm always a sucker for cemetery caches. They tend to be easy and cemeteries are just like parks but with dead people! Crown Hill is really beautiful. It has an interesting little Asian section and a handful of fun and challenging geocaches. We were able to grab them all before heading out to our movie night plans!

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