Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Christmas and New Year's

This post encompasses Christmas through New Year's, because there was a continuation of holiday stuff throughout. Adam's family has a strong tradition of Christmas Eve happenings. My sister-in-law is unwilling to celebrate a holiday other than the day of the holiday, so Adam and I had to leave his dad's place Christmas Day to come out and celebrate Christmas with my family. Then Adam and I did our gift giving and just us stuff on New Year's my suggestion.

There is a serious cat situation at Adam's dad's house. NINE CATS! I spent Christmas Eve and Day trying to get them all close enough for a big picture. I think I managed decently. I don't have photos of the previous night's events. We started with Adam's mom's family...there was gift giving, food, and conversation. Everyone was really nice and very smart and funny. We finished with Adam's dad's family. This was the same place as Thanksgiving but with more people. I met more of his family and some friends of the family and there was music, because there is always music at these events. I found the night to be very stressful because I was very nervous and because there was a last minute call off at work and I wanted to stay and cover the shift. In my family, we know we can see each other whenever, so we always choose to work on holidays, if we can. It was difficult being in a position to have to change what I'm used to doing to honor what someone else believes. But it was worth it in the end, because being part of those traditions is very important to Adam and I want to participate in what is important to him.

We took the LONG way home from Adam's dad's place to my place...making it back to my place just after my brother and sister-in-law had arrived! We managed to grab a couple of geocaches and check out Lake Erie. It was a green Christmas, but it was fucking cold. Especially on the lake with all the wind. But I don't care. I love Lake Erie every day!

This is the first time my mom and I have hosted a holiday at our place in forever. I've had friends over for different holidays, but we always go to my brother's house. My sister-in-law hasn't seen the last two places we lived and they never visited us in West Virginia or in Florida. It was kind of a big deal to have them over and to be able to give them the tour of the house. It was kind of nice to do something in my own space. Normally, Beep is not ever downstairs, but we put Molly and Lulu in the basement (they are terrified of groups of visitors anyway) and we let Beep out. It took him a while to warm up to the idea of being free in the house and not terrorized, but eventually he came out and met everyone.

For New Year's I wanted to get a fancy-ish hotel with a restaurant and eat a fancy-ish dinner and celebrate in the hotel, but it was too expensive for us this year. I booked a really cheap hotel in nowheresville between Akron and Cleveland but they called the day before to tell me they shut down the hotel for the holiday! (WTF?) Adam was still into the idea of having a hotel, so we could have plenty of privacy, so I booked a hotel in my hometown. We did pizza and a movie in my hometown as well as stayed at the cheap hotel. If you know Wadsworth and Great Oaks Theater, then you know how interesting this idea was. We had a decent time and I can't even remember what movie we saw! We hung out in the hotel and exchanged gifts. It was nice to have some holiday time with just us. All of the crowds and working on Christmas Eve and everything was very overwhelming for me and I felt super stressed out for almost all of December. But everything worked out in the end, which is a lesson to myself to calm the fuck down.

Adam gave me a book of love poems by Pablo Neruda...with both English and Spanish versions!!! I think lying in bed, naked and reading love poems is a great way to kick off the New Year!

We finished our holiday off with some geocaching from Wadsworth to Akron. Basically, the best way to finish anything. It was super cold and sunny and we found a cool diner for breakfast, some easy caches, and I even grabbed a travel bug...and of course, a ridiculous photo of Adam in a cool little cemetery...


  1. 9 cats?! 9 cats?!?!!? That's a lot of cats. My dad used to geocache when I was a kid -- how fun!

    :] // ▲ ▲

    1. Girl, yes, NINE CATS! They're pretty lovable too. Did you go geocaching with him? It is my new fave hobby.