Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cleveland Nature Preserve

You may notice there are comment boxes on this blog, that's because comments are approved for "readers" only. Which means, if you ever received an invite to my private blog, you can comment. Which is to say, "Friends, please talk to me!" I like it that way. Friends only.

Anyway, about a million years ago, which is to say in the beginning of fall, Adam and I were geocaching in Bratenahl. Bratenahl is an interesting suburb because it's super rich and has defended its right to be a suburb, independent from the city of Cleveland, to the point of creating its own school. They're hardcore into themselves up there with all that land on the lake, including keeping it really you do.

But down on the west side is the Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve run by the Port Authority. It's a weird little spit of land that's all fenced in to keep the dinosaurs in, obviously. But really, pets are not allowed because there are precious living things in there, like the super-endangered deer! (That is sarcasm, deer overpopulation is a problem and keeping dogs out of a beautiful piece of nature is silly.) Anyway, Adam and I ended up there when I saw a chunk of land on the geocaching map. We headed in right at sunset, which is about five minutes before the place closes. We walked to one tip to watch the sun sink into Lake Erie and then headed out. It's really beautiful and unspoiled in there. It is a definite must-see. If you haven't ever been out that way, definitely go! Just get of I-90 at Bratenahl, head to the Lake, and turn left. You'll see it.