Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Florida Road Trip : Part 2

On our first day in Florida, we had three sites in mind: Fort Matanzas, Castillo de San Marcos, and the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park. Due to time constraints, which is to say that we like to take our time doing things, we didn't go to the Fountain of Youth. We had scheduled it last because of the cost of admission and the desire to see Fort Matanzas.

Fort Matanzas is super cool, in theory. For starters, it's totally free. Which means, no matter what my dislikes, everyone should go. It's totally a national treasure and not going is dumb, because it's free. Everyone can always use more history in their lives.

In order to get to the Fort, you have to take a boat out to Rattlesnake Island. The Fort is own by the National Parks but the rest of the island appears to be open-ish. Basically, we saw people out there fishing so you could boat up to the site...or near it. That's pretty cool. One of the bummers is that the tours run every 50 minutes or so and that's all the time you have on the fort. I guess you could go back and get another ticket and ride again, but I wanted to be left on the island for as long as I wanted. The other bummer is you will be accompanied by a ranger who may or may not be cool. You will have to listen to the ranger give you a tour in whatever her style is. Since I hated our tour person and she made me really uncomfortable, this was a super bummer part of the tour and really put me in a bad mood for the remainder.

Once back on the shore, the rest of the park is available for anyone to enjoy for free, at his or her leisure. There is a little beach and the park encourages you to explore it...I think even you could swim there. There's a nature trail too. The nature trail has some info about the massacre that occurred on the site (for which the site is named). It's generally shady and nice. It's a really great little site and we had a pretty good time. I would definitely go back!

After the fort tour and nature walk, we needed food before heading to our second stop, the fort in downtown St. Augustine. We had passed a Mellow Mushroom on the way to the fort and had heard that it has good pizza (never trust a Floridian pizza suggestion), so we stopped. The night before, we had picked up some Cheerwine, which is a regional soda that Adam knew of. (We have since found it at a fancy grocery store in Ohio.) We had Cheerwine with us for most of the trip. It's a sweet, cherry soda and quite yummy!

If Adam and I were the type to use such a word, we'd probably call ourselves "foodies". We really love trying new food and often eat very well, which I love! We are always excited to try something new. So at Mellow Mushroom, I had to order their jerk wings. I love a good jerk and am always willing to try jerk to see if it's good. Unfortunately, Mellow Mushroom's jerk isn't good. For starters, it's a wet sauce. Anyone who knows jerk knows it's a dry rub. While it had pretty decent flavoring, I just couldn't get past the wet sauce aspect of it.

We opted for a Cuban pizza that had, among other toppings, pulled pork and mustard sauce. Oh man, totally bad call. For an Atlanta-based company, the pulled pork was a fucking travesty. It was not yummy at all and it was very clumpy. Pulled pork should've been shredded and applied evenly over the whole pizza, not in clumps. The mustard sauce was done equally poorly. They seemed to have dumped mustard onto the entire pizza, which ruined the flavors of everything else. It just ended up being a mustard pizza. The mustard should've been about three drop, spread evenly over the pizza as a base for every other flavor. After eating such badly made food, we vowed never to try a weird specialty pizza the first time we try a pizza place. We figure they just missed the mark with the Cuban pizza and maybe their other pizzas are actually good. MAYBE!

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