Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Florida Road Trip : Part 3

Forts are one of Adam's loves, so we had to go to the Castillo de San Marcos. Since I had lived in Jacksonville, about a half hour away, I'd been to this fort several times. I had never been inside, though. Unfortunately, there were a lot of school groups and noisy kids (ugh!). Luckily, they were firing a cannon!

The cannon firing was cool and there was a lot of information inside the fort. We spent a ton of time there before heading out into the city of St. Augustine. The town was WAY crowded and I tried to get a geocache right in downtown, which was a bad call. I spent a good chunk of this day totally pissed off. We walked over to Flagler College, which is housed in a badass old hotel. It's fucking beautiful there.

While we were exploring St. Augustine, we kept hearing that the Christmas lights were AMAZING. So, we hung around. We found a cute little cafe and had some yummy coffee and dessert and waited for the lighting to happen. It was sort of underwhelming. We still had a two-hour drive to Orlando to make, and I would've preferred to be on the road and eating in our hotel instead of waiting around for Christmas lights that were just...well, just a bunch of white lights. There were no cool sculptures or colors or anything, just a bunch of white lights. I've seen better. But hey, at least we did it, right? Check that off the list!

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