Friday, January 30, 2015

Florida Road Trip : Part 5

I have a blogging friend, Heather, who isn't blogging right now. We met via Stephanie and became friends through blogging. We've since kept in touch and I had the extreme pleasure of meeting her on the Sunday of my Florida trip. She lives in Tampa, so Adam and I drove over there to hang out with her and it was totally awesome.

Heather and I just happen to be the same MBTI, INFJ. We text a lot and we have just all the weirdest little weirdo things in common. It's totally awesome. Meeting her was so easy. It was like any night we might be sitting around texting each other. We just stepped into conversation like we hang out all the time. We started by doing some window shopping in a fancy little plaza and girl talking while Adam had a coffee and smoked a pipe in a nearby park. Once we got the most of our girl talk on, we all headed over to The Oxford Exchange, a place we had talked about a lot. It was as cool as Heather said it would be.

After The Observatory, we headed over to The University of Tampa, which has a super cool old hotel on its campus. We goofed around on the river and took some photos after finding a geocache that was no longer. We wanted to go in the hotel's museum, but the admission was stupid. So we wandered around the veranda and on the grounds a bit.

When we were done at The University of Tampa, we headed across the river to eat at Pizza Fusion. Normally, I don't trust a Florida institution to make good pizza, but this place was actually really decent. I was pleasantly surprised and told Heather I would trust her taste in pizza from now on. After the pizza, we grabbed an interesting geocaching over on the river walk and talked a bit before Heather had to go. Our time together was totally way too short but also totally awesome. I'm almost sad I don't live in Tampa...but only almost, because Tampa.

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