Saturday, January 31, 2015

Florida Road Trip : Part 6

After Heather left, I had the brilliant idea to continue our fantastic road trip out to the Gulf Coast and watch the sunset. It just seemed like, as long as we were there, Adam may as well see two coasts in one weekend, right?

We made it out to the coast just in time to catch the last colors of the sunset. It was really pretty. Adam was interested in how the water and the beaches were different. Once the sun was totally gone, we found a cool little ice cream place and then drove back to Orlando. The drive back was less nerve wracking than the drive there. All in all, it was a really great day.

The next day, as we were making our way to I-95, the highway was just fucking packed. So I decided to get off the highway and take 17 up to Jacksonville and get back on. It definitely took a really fucking long time, certainly longer than sitting in traffic...but oh, it was so pretty. When I lived in Florida, I traveled all over the place, following back roads. I wanted to show Adam that, and so we did. We follow the St John's and stopped in Green Cove Springs. We stopped at a Target in Jax, grabbed some supplies, and got back on the highway and headed home. It was just a totally awesome road trip. I met great people, hung out with old friends, saw new sights and old sights, and really enjoyed having Adam along with me.

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