Sunday, January 4, 2015

Let's put this to bed

Comments are turned off on this blog indefinitely. They've also been hidden, so you can't see past comments because I'm over this drama. You can reach me at or on Twitter or on Instagram. I don't do other social media, but this blog is linked to Google+. If you start shit with me, I will block the shit out of you. But if you are smart and friendly and respectful and don't tell people all about how I "need help," then I will send you packages and cat face emojis!

Now that we have that settled, thanks to those of you who have my back. Everyone else can fuck off, as usual. And now, here is a picture that makes me happy...a beautiful dog running to me for pets and kisses! I hope this photo makes you happy. Let's appreciate the sunshine and cuteness and forget about all the crazy.