Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Recent Work : Diaper Bag

At the end of summer, mom and I were commissioned to do an entire nursery. It was a really cool undertaking. Mom handled a lot of the stuffed animals and pillows while I handled the baby slings, a mobile, cloth diapers, and a diaper bag. This was my first time ever really making a diaper bag. I used this pattern. I already had the material, so I printed the pattern at the library, cut it out, and then followed the instructions as I went! I was surprised at how easy it was, because I didn't think I could follow an online pattern without mom's help. I did make one mistake and one tiny mistake; I didn't sew the strap correctly for turning them right side out to be quilted inside and I put the velcro on the outer pockets too far to the outside so it doesn't really close! But they are tiny mistakes and I gave the couple the bag for free. It was a big learning experience and I'm really proud of how well I did! Below, you can see some of the steps and the final product. What do you think?

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