Monday, February 23, 2015

Be a force of good.

Ever since last week, I've been in a super self-analysis mode, asking all my friends questions that are basically like, "Am I just a big fucking asshole?" I mean, whatever. I'm gonna write a longer post about it later. Because I KNOW you are all dying to read about my deep, inner thoughts. (No really. You tell me you are.) But first, I need to talk about something important...after a picture of Beep!

Just in case you were wondering, Beep is a close, personal friend of the person who this blog post is all about. So those are Beep's imploring eyes, asking you to take this post to heart!

One of my best friends of over a decade is currently in constant pain due to serious dental shit. This girl is not a lazy slacker. She is a college educated artist. She works part-time as a costumer for the University of Akron and part-time as a stage hand roadie for the IATSE Union in Akron and Cleveland. She also has her own cleaning business. She lives a really simple life in Akron, OH. She's got a small apartment with pretty fucking cheap rent, but rent nonetheless. She has one cat. The nature of her jobs means that she works sometimes a lot and sometimes not. She's working hard to pay off her student loans from college and dealing with normal shit, like $1000 in car repairs last month. You know how life likes to kick you when you're down? Well, hers kicked her in the teeth.

Kendra's jobs don't offer benefits of any kind. She doesn't have the benefit of dental insurance or any other insurance for that matter. And this girl has never taken a government dollar. If you were raised like me where a person should go out and get their shit down and be responsible for their shit, then you would totally support Kendra's lifestyle choices. She works hard to cover her own shit. But her teeth...well, they are not agreeing with her. Last I heard, she needs over $1000 in dental work. Cavities and root canals are a fucking bitch, aren't they? If you've ever had even one, then you know.

So here is what I'm asking of you, dear readers. If you have $5 that you've used to buy a fancy Starbucks drink in the last month...if you have $10 that you've used to buy some delicious Chipotle in the last month...if you have $20 that you've used to get a manicure in the last month...then I'm going to ask you to take that money for your next little treat and give it to someone who really needs the money. I'm not asking for a lot (unless you have a lot!), because I think that most of you are like me. I think most of my readers live fairly simple lives without a lot of excess. I know a lot of you are artists who are struggling to make a living doing your art. I know some of you are college students who work part-time in retail. And I also happen to know that everyone manages to find some coins in their couch for some Starbucks from time to time, right?

So, help me be a force of good in the world. Trust me when I say Kendra is worth it. Please extend a helping hand to someone who deserves it. Someone who would definitely help you if you happened to be in need and she had the means to help. But if, for some reason, you can't spare a few bucks today, then check out some pretty pictures of her and read my second request.

Ok, so let's just say you don't have $5 or even $2. That's fine. I can dig it. I have been in situations where every damn quarter I had was already spent and it was five days until payday. I have BEEN THERE. So my next request is simple. If you've got a Facebook or a Twitter or a Pinterest or an e-mail account with a bunch of contacts, please share the link to this blog post.

Maybe you can't spare some cash, or maybe you just don't feel like you trust me and some girl you've never met. That is ok. But maybe you've got friends who are bleeding hearts like me and have given $5 or $10 to charities set up at festivals or kickstarters or those places where people can raise money for their vet bills. Maybe this isn't your kind of thing, but maybe you've got a friend who is into this...please help me spread the word so we can get Kendra's mouth fixed up and get her out of pain.

A working body is nice, wouldn't you say? And since America has that fatal flaw of not offering universal health care, maybe lend a hand to help your fellow American get a working body? Damn, did I get too patriotic on you? Oh well!

Here is the link for her "gofundme" account : Kendra's Dental Work. I happen to know my statistics, and I know that if all of my unique visitors gave $10, Kendra would be halfway to her goal. So y'all, that's kind of huge. And would you rather that huge number go to someone who needs it or maybe to me finding advertisers and writing sponsored posts about makeup? (Seriously, this is not a tough answer!)

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