Sunday, February 1, 2015

Because it's Sunday...

Sundays are supposed to be my goal-setting posts. Like when I was training to run a marathon and I wrote about it weekly. Remember? Good times. I've slacked on that lately because I have so much else going on and because I feel like I'm not really pursuing anything. But the thing about that is, I am. It's sort of like when I say I don't eat that much junk food but if I kept a food diary, there would be ice cream and candy bars on a daily basis. But I want to believe I don't eat junk food because THE ENTIRE WORLD tells me I'm fat and that's bad. Since I'm not currently enrolled in a marathon (sort of), it sort of feels like I don't have ANY GOALS. Oh, but I do.

Marathon Training : I know I've said this somewhere, but I'm having shoe issues and I can't afford a new pair. So I can't hit the mileage to run the Cleveland Marathon in May. It has taken me THREE YEARS to get to the bottom of the shoe situation. I have been in five WRONG pairs of shoes...y'all MOTHERFUCKING FIVE PAIRS OF SHOES. But after talking to more than ten shoe salespeople, I finally figured out all the anatomy stuff that I needed to know and I'm finally equipped to get the right motherfucking shoes...uhh...when I have the money. (So if you want to send me a birthday gift of $10 or a $25 VISA gift card, it'll go right to shoes, promise. I'll send you my address.) I'm gonna have the money this month. Anyway, what I've decided to do instead is to change my registration this May to the half, to enroll in the Akron half, and then to sign up for the full Cleveland Marathon NEXT YEAR. (Or maybe the L.A. Marathon because Steph lives there!!!)

COLLEGE : It really, really, really sucks for me right now. I'm finding it hard to wade through the bullshit. But I have made a decision : I am going to finish college and get a degree. Somehow, some way. Maybe online or maybe locally, but I'm doing it. I talked to Adam about it so that whenever I have doubts and ask for advice, he knows to tell me that I'm doing this and I want to do this and I'm finishing it. I've also decided to give myself a tattoo for every completed semester. (Which is basically any enrolled semester, because I'm not one to drop out in the middle.) So this February, I'm gonna get another tattoo!!!

101 Things in 1001 Days : I posted my current list in January. So now I need to update it. So I'm gonna read my full thing right now and delete everything I haven't done and then post what I've done, yay!

009. Find/Create matching book shelf for Adam
--->This turned out to be different from my original intention, but it's done!
011. Move more of Adam's stuff to my place
--->Moved a bunch of books and also some artwork to my place. Hooray!

012. Create corner for Adam in my bedroom
--->DONE! He even picked out his chair and has used it, yay!

049. Enroll in college
--->Not sure if I meant this aside from the community college I'm currently in. But whatever. I'm on the road to a degree and I'm committed to it!

096. This one is in the works, hooray!

I don't know if I'll write weekly goals and lists, but I will make sure to update monthly. So even though it's February, I'm gonna bank a post to write on the last Sunday of February to stay on top of this!!!

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