Thursday, February 19, 2015

Food Review : Sokolowski's University Inn

Not too long ago, when it was REALLY cold...oh wait, it's REALLY cold today. Anyway, on a different cold day, Adam and I FINALLY managed to hit Sokolowski's University Inn when it was open! This place opened in 1923 and has been serving the fine people of Cleveland delicious polish food for NINETY-ONE YEARS! That is a long ass time, y'all. I had read about Sokolowski's somewhere and new I had to go. I've been over there at least five times, but I've never hit the right time for dining. Sokolowski's has weird hours, because it closes for a few hours between lunch and dinner, and I am always hungry when it's closed, I guess! But Adam and I were finally in the area at the right time and we had dinner and it was AMAZING!!!

Our bill was just over $50 for the both of us. But we got two entrees which come with two sides, two beers, and two bottled sodas. And the entrees are HUGE and the sides are HUGE and also we paid extra for pierogi, because pierogi. In Cleveland, you ALWAYS go for the pierogi. Adam ended up with a cabbage dish and I had a homemade sausage dish and it was so good. Now, I do think The Red Chimney had better pierogi, honestly. But Sokolowski's has just amazing everything. My only criticism; it's fucking cold in there! Maybe go in the spring or the fall, when it's cool outside but not Fuck Off Cold outside. Whatever. You HAVE to go to Sokolowski's...even you're visiting, new to Cleveland, or have lived here forever, you have to go!!!

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