Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Keep Walkin' On

There is a song on my current running play list, and I just love it. It's a very great running song and I know it's going to be put at the tail end of my race playlist, because the main point is, "Keep walkin' on." When I'm out there, trying to hit those miles, or on race day when I need to finish, this song will help me get through, it will. But it also makes me think of my friend, Steph.

Every time I hear it, I wish I were in L.A. so I could play it to her. Like maybe we'd be heading out to Target, taking turns, playing our favorite songs for each other. Because this song, I know, Steph has never heard. Steph doesn't listen to country music, so there is just about no way she'd ever hear a song from a Faith Hill album that would never be played on any pop station and probably never was played on a country station. But I know from the message in it that Steph would like the song, and I think she'd probably love it for the music too. Because it's gospel, real good gospel. It also has the bonus of featuring Shelby Lynne, a name I'm not even sure Steph would ever have heard.

I've been thinking of writing this blog post, but I haven't wanted to. For a couple weeks now, I've had other things planned out and waiting to be posted. But man if this week isn't just a roller coaster of emotions. From being called "angry and unstable" to having one of those days where getting out of bed is difficult (and I am in bed now, just with the laptop so I can do work FROM bed). I feel like I NEED this song now. I thought I was going to have to post a video with just the lyrics floating over the album cover, but no! I found a live performance with decent video and audio. So you get to experience this song, with shiny suits and big hair and a gospel choir! Shout out to the dude on the piano too!! Oh man, I hope you love it as much as I do. (And if you're not a believer in Jesus, I hope you can still appreciate the message and enjoy the gospel music.)

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