Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Y'all, I just had an epiphany and it is absolutely related to my being called unstable and also why I was harassed for over a month because of a balanced review. You should know that the person who called me unstable and the person who harassed me were both men. Here is what my anthropology textbook says about language in the U.S.

"Men are more likely to use dominant speech acts suce as commands, explanations, contradictions, criticisms, challenges, and accusations. Women are more likely to ask, request, agree, support, accommodate, accept, and apologize. Men are more likely to interrupt other speakers to insert their ideas or concerns, to express doubts, or offer advice."
Cultural Anthropology : A toolkit for a global age : Kenneth J. Guest : Chapter 4, page 127

Y'all, I am totally geeking out about this! Because look at those words up there! MEN are more likely to communicate in the way that I do. I don't ask, request, agree, accommodate, accept, or apologize. I seriously never apologize. And I am so quick to command, explain, contradict, criticize, challenge, accuse, and even interrupt to insert my ideas or concerns, express doubts, or to offer advice. I totally do all the things that men tend to do and that is why I'm given such ridiculous labels and called so many nasty names.

But you know what? Bitches need to get over their enculturation and accept me as equal to a man and stop calling me names just because I am a woman who acts like a man.

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