Friday, February 6, 2015

Recent work : match light

Sometimes, I'm doing something and inspiration strikes. In this case, it was Adam lighting his pipe by the campfire one night. The light from the match was just enough to illuminate only his face. I loved it. Also, it was such a very him motion and action. I keep my iPhone with me at all time because of Instagram, which I liken to Hemingway's moleskin. Instagram is my journal as a photographer, and you can see that through all my blog posts. I would shoot exclusively with the app, if I could. There are some instances where it is not feasible. Because I don't load photos from my phone into the app and instead shoot through the app, some low light and some action shots are not possible. However, this match light worked well, and I love that. I repeated it later, when my friend, Trey, was lighting a blunt. Match light is not something I've ever shot before, but I think I might see if I can expand this idea into something more interesting...maybe candle light? Not sure.

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