Saturday, February 21, 2015

Video Break

Do you ever just get on the Youtubes and go down the rabbit hole, clicking the right column, clicking one of the boxes at the end of a video, and just having a DELICIOUS musical journey? (Or if not musical, all the other things.) I did that recently, and I found some really beautiful stuff, and I just wanna share it. It all started with Adam telling me about some weird ass video from the 80s and then continued with some videos full of really beautiful dancing, like Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud and there's some activism in there that Adam told me about from Hozier's Take Me to Church as well some fun stuff I found. So, let's take a break, grab some snacks, and watching some awesome videos!

First Up : Total Eclipse of the Heart. Y'all, WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON? I have no idea. Seriously, if anyone comes up with a really awesome story that fits the video, I will send you a stuffed animal of your choice. Because, I just can't.

Did y'all know that Russia is having a seriously homophobic moment in time? I knew that Putin was anti-gay, but I didn't know that hate crimes were just fine and dandy. Hozier lays it on the line with Take Me to Church and damn! This video is just. Wow. So dark and moving and sad and deep.

Ok, y'all know MY GIRL is Taylor Swift, right? But I am not one of those blind fans who runs to everything she does and calls it genius. I just don't understand this video for Style like, at all. I mean, there are parts of it that are really beautiful like that smoke going through her silhouette. But then there's just, all the images that don't make sense. And the pace isn't even on with the pace of the music. I think there is a lot of beautiful imagery in here, but it does not make me feel the song at all.

Ok, but here is a twist on both Style and Blank Space that I can get behind. These voices are beautiful and I think the lyrics make sense together. This is fantastic.

I came to this Sia video because the internet called pedophilia or some bullshit. I don't see it at all. What I see is really beautiful and interesting dancing from one of my fave actors, Shia LeBouf and that chick from Dance Moms. WOW. This video blew me away.

This one was one of those sidebar clicks. I saw this as I was queueing up all the videos today and I thought it was so beautiful. His body and his interpretation of this song are great. I wish I could go to that church! The seen...just everything.

All my clicking around led me to this guy, Max. I saw this duet in the sidebar and I wanted to check it out. I really think I like it more than the original song!

So finally, this song is just everything right now. The beat alone makes me wanna dance. I think his voice sounds great. And I think the video is beautiful. Apparently, the director used actual film for the shoot. Whatever. I love the ballroom and the one location...I get tired of jumpy videos. I love the way the professional is sort of dancing around Ed but that he's participating. I think the lighting is GORGEOUS. And I think that it's really romantic and suits the song!

That is what I've been feeling lately. Please, please, please point me in the direction of new videos in the comments!!!

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