Friday, March 20, 2015

A few more comments...

There aren't a lot of comments on yesterday's review (yet?), but I have had some follow up conversations in person and via e-mail and here are my thoughts that maybe didn't come across in my post...

1. YES, the book is not well-written. CAN WE STOP TALKING ABOUT IT NOW? There are a lot of badly written books and this was self-published and needed an editor, like hardcore. But let's just move on, ok? (Maybe it's time we offer some sort of solution to the self-publishing arena, like editor groups...or editing for a tiny fee...someone get on this opportunity!)

2. I don't think that book was a healthy representation of a BDSM relationship, but I don't think Christian Grey was abusive. Also, wouldn't it be great if EVERYONE just wrote these books with perfectly unflawed characters who entered into every relationship all healthy and balanced? Or would we just call that shit boring as fuck?

2a. Anastasia Steele was DISHONEST with Christian Grey at every turn. She consented to sex she didn't want. She lied about how she felt about it. She was only honest in passive-agressive e-mails to which Christian Grey responded by comforting her.

3. Because these characters were FLAWED. But like, because the book is about sex, that's not ok? Oh man, for all the outright rape in "A Song of Fire and Ice," I wish George R.R. Martin had to put up with the crap I've seen spewed on the internet toward E.L. James.

4. For fuck's sake, not all women are amazing and secure and whatever! Yes, Ana and Christian are 2-dimensional characters. But some of us, like the person writing this blog, are 37, didn't lose her virginity until 26, and have only had sex with three people. I KNOW! Can you fucking believe it, there are actually women who are different from you. STOP ACTING LIKE ANASTASIA STEELE COULD NOT EXIST. She could. And you know how else knows it? THE TRILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT THE BOOK!!!! Just sayin'.

5. You know, the problem here is not the bad writing or the bad relationship...the problem here is that we live in a culture where women are not allowed to talk about sex and had to find badly written fanfic to explore their sexual side. Instead of lambasting E.L. James, maybe it's time we start putting our money where our fucking mouths are and stopped buying crap written by men about men that everyone is just supposed to accept as ok. If you want to criticize someone, criticize J.K. Rowling for writing a really fucking sexist series that revolves around an idiot boy where a girl is constantly supposed to save him and then accept a backseat to his know, just, if we're gonna get all shitty about something.

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