Sunday, March 1, 2015

Because it's the first of the month AND Sunday it appears, I have found a format for these goals posts that I'm gonna write once a month-ish? OK, cool. I still have deep fucking thoughts running around in my head, but I'm very nearing clarity on them. I am thinking that I will definitely be ready to write about everything tomorrow. I have to do just a bit more thinking before I'm ready to put it all out there, yay!

MARATHON TRAINING : Honestly, I'm just in a holding pattern. I bought the new shoes, but it doesn't really matter. I changed my Cleveland Marathon registration to a half marathon and entered the Akron Marathon for a half marathon race. But it still doesn't matter because Ohio is doing nothing but "fuck you" cold and there is a fuckton of snow and I cannot get out there and build any real mileage until we have some fucking thaw. When that is, who the fuck knows? Because it is SNOWING and cold today. I'm just, fucking done! I'm gonna have to find some places to run some longer mileages in March because I need to be building mileage. I'm just in waiting mode, going out twice a week for a couple of miles. UGH! I love winter, but it is now getting in the way of my shit!

COLLEGE : Well, the government figured me out and took away my Pell Grant and now I owe my college $1400 that I don't have and I really have no idea how this will pan out, but I'm not giving up yet. The back story is that I went to college a long time ago and had loans. Somewhere in my name changing, the loans just fell away. They aren't on my credit reports and I stopped receiving any information about them for several years now. I don't know what happened, but when I applied for college and aid and everything went through for FOUR MONTHS, I figured something magical happened. But no. Shit was just lost in the ether and now it has been found. So I'm gonna try to contact the people and get all my shit back together because I am into finishing college. But if this becomes as big of a hassle as getting registered for classes this past year, I can't pretend like I've got that much fight in me. So, meh. I'm inbetweensies.

101 Things Update:

001. Paint Bedroom : I might actually be doing this soon because I found paint for the cheap at Habitat for Humanity ReStore and I'm excited! I just have to find someone who will color it and mix it for me!!!

017. Create Store Envy : DONE! I just created one, took the photos of the product, and made my first listing two days ago. So I'm going to be working on finishing that over the next two weeks so we can launch it!!

018. Fill with Inventory : Again, I have the pics and now I'm just making the listings. So this is happening!

039. Build website : This has moved from back of my mind to front of my mind to probably gonna happen this month. I'm hoping that in April, I tell you that it's done!

042. Put together ideal equipment situation : This is one that will require money and is a down-the-road thing, but I'm actively thinking about the parts I want and how I'm gonna put them together. By the end of this month, I want to have a list and a budget.

048. Attend a Tattoo Convention : If life doesn't fuck me over, Adam and I are going to Hell City in May!!!!!

052. Try out reselling business : This is actually in the works. I need to finish my Store Envy stuff and then start on this. I've been doing a lot of research and I have a lot of ideas, so I'm really feeling like I'm going to go for this over the spring and summer and try to have it be a regular thing in the fall.

070. Run two half marathons : Signed up!!! So this is happening this year!

076. Begin Project Life for Yourself (or Blurb) : This is in the works. I thought I had found a great solution with Chatbooks, but that didn't work out! I've been doing some research on some other companies to find the best price and I really want to write reviews here. So I'm gonna work on that this year. The big thing is funding the books to review actual product!

087. & 088. & 090. Are private, but they are happening this week. It's a big cleaning project, and I just did a full day yesterday and have plans to come back out this week. So this is going to happen and be finished this week, which is so great!

So that's it. As usual, life doesn't want to go my way and I can't seem to catch a break. But that's ok. I'm feeling really good right now and I have ideas and plans, so that's great. I will keep you updated on whatever is happening. I've got a coaching session with Steph this week and I know she and I will solidify my plans!

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