Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Goal Crap and new URL!!!

UPDATE YOUR LINKS!!!! : this blog is now www.thehonestbadger.com : Google just suggested I do it and then I did. So this might not be good for my stats, but eh. It's cool, right? Anyway, update your links!!!

This is how I'm feeling right now, also maybe because I haven't brushed my hair in four days.

So, I was kind of doing a bang up job with my Spring Break Goals...at the BEGINNING of the week...and then it just...*insert that sound effect of something crashing and exploding*. This is pretty common for me. I start with high energy and then fizzle out. But also, I sort of went off on painting my room and that took up a bunch of time, so yeah. Things change?

I had hoped to write a blog post yesterday to introduce the week and get my to do list out there, which actually should've been a Sunday thing, and then I just didn't. I did go to class and finish some web design and submit an English paper, so I didn't totally slack yesterday. So far today, I've gone for a run and taken a midterm (and also a massive nap). I'm DOING things, just maybe not as quickly as I'd hoped. I had wanted to wrap up my spring break goals and then just, like, totally kill it this week...and I'm feeling a bit behind. So here is my list of goals for this week:

Finish blog design for Small Studio
Finish blog design for English portfolio
Take Anthro midterm
Do Philosophy back reading and current reading
Gather research materials for English paper
Submit final argument critique for English
Run 3 miles
Run 5 miles
Run 7 miles
Complete Store Envy listings for Larry and Boo's Emporium
Call that one craft show
Begin blog design and content for fennablue.com
Make messenger bag
Put room back together
Link up accounts for Small Studio
Organize other corner of Adam's room
Write blogs listed in note on your phone
Finish ten scholarship applications

This is also how I'm feeling today. UGH!

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