Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Local Artist : Jason Scala

I'd like to take another quick moment to talk about local artist, Jason Scala. You might know him as one half of the ownership team behind my fave cafe, Urban Eats. Not only is Jason a totally awesome chef, but he's also a really talented artist. He makes interesting pop culture paintings that are very reminiscent of street artists such as Banksy. The art is really affordable to, at $150 each (I think). Unfortunately, I don't own one yet. I have my eye on his Abraham Lincoln that I want to add to a triptych with Elvis and Taylor Swift to complete the trifecta of my heros. Oh yea, 'cause you can totally commission Jason too! Isn't that awesome? You can pick from his ready made stuff or have him make you something completely your own. His artwork is currently lining a hallway at Urban Eats and I think that everyone should definitely go have some lunch and check out what he's made. Who knows? Maybe there is just the perfect piece of art totally waiting for you to snatch it up!

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