Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Goals?

You know I'd love to post my goals on Sunday...but I was busy hiking all over North Central Ohio, y'all! Also, do you ever feel like you're doing, doing, doing but just NOT getting your whole list done? Like, if one thing doesn't happen on one week, then you put it to the next that already had ALL THE THINGS planned? That's how I feel now!
I was so gung-ho on getting shit done, and then...well, I caught a nasty virus. I was totally out for about a day and just yucky for a couple other days. There were things I just couldn't do because I was busy sleeping. You can see everything I checked off last week's list, and now on to this weeks list!

01. Do all the math homework for section 3
02. Finish Philosophy reading and module test
03. Finish review for English and submit, begin collecting argument research
04. Consider Anthropology extra credit
05. E-mail Gen. Ed. prof. about career crap due date
06. Finish Darla
07. Run 4 miles
08. Run 5 miles
09. Run 7 miles
10. Call craft show
11. Finish Store Envy
12. Go to Labor Ready and update contact info
13. Do ten scholarship apps
14. Make messenger bag
Ok, so this list is really actually doable. Two things a day? Not hard, right? I'm really hoping that the weather and life agrees with me so I can start getting really ahead with everything!!!

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