Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday GOALS!!!

You know, I LIKE Mondays! I like writing my goals on Monday because then I have Friday to be scared I didn't finish my list but Saturday and Sunday for that final kick. (Which I needed this week.) I get tired of people bitching about Mondays. If you hate Mondays so much, change your damn life!

I dislike class that day, because it's just a lot of people and a long commute time, but I'm a fan of the day overall. Last week, I totally CRUSHED my goals! Not everything was done, but I always like to make my lists a little too big. This week, I wanna write a HUGE list, but it's kind of a short week. Adam has a really long weekend, and I have photo gigs, and my uncle is in town, and so I should probably keep my shit together and not stress too much!

Me and Paige went into Chippewa Lake Amusement Park and then posed for our band photo

Running: (aka MUST DO)
Run 3 miles
Run 5 miles
Run 7 miles

School: (aka MUST DO)
Make outline for English paper
Do all math homework
Do Philosophy Homework
Begin mapping project for Anthropology
Apply for ten scholarships
Follow up on loan
Enroll in Summer class

Work: (in order of deadline)
Dance photoshoot
Edit dance photoshoot
Add Small Studio Twitter to website (and follow her)
Send Narissa pics and dimensions of canvas and estimate
Photograph stuff for reselling

Personal: (in order of necessity)
Clean up and organize studio
--->This is a bigger project than I thought. It needs more specific tasks.
Make Adam's dropbox folder
Edit Paige photoshoot
Make Messenger Bag
Plan next fashion photoshoot
Begin writing out longer blog posts

Adam, looking particularly fabulous on one of our hikes!

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